The Mission: To proclaim God's glory and testify of His healing power in cities, towns, and hamlets
across the United States - Summer 2019
     I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13.

Join us at a location near you!

You are invited to join us at churches across the United States on weekends from June through early October. See the proposed schedule below:

  • Prineville, OR - June 29
  • Cambridge, ID - July 6
  • Missoula, MT - July 13
  • Livingston, MT - July 27
  • Worland/Ten Sleep, WY - August 10
  • Spearfish, SD - August 17
  • Rapid City, SD - August 24
  • Pierre, SD - August 31
  • Mankato, MN - September 7
  • Andrews University, MI - September 21
  • Lima, OH - September 28
  • Erie, PA - October 5
  • Brunswick, ME - October 19
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Summer 2019:

4,800 miles - Portland to Portland (Oregon to Maine) via McKenzie Pass OR, Hells Canyon Wilderness ID, Lewis & Clark Trail ID, the Oregon Trail, Glacier National Park MT, Yellowstone National Park WY, Grand Teton National Park WY, Big Horn Mountains WY, Black Hills SD, Bad Lands National Park SD, Ten Thousand Lakes Region MN, Wisconsin Dells, splendid Michigan, Erie Canal NY, Adorondak Mountains NY, Green Mountains VT, White Mountains NH, New England Fall colors, Maine Coast.

Want to join in on this fantastic adventure? If you are a dedicated Christian believer, have a good level of health and a reasonable level of fitness, love the great outdoors, have at least basic bicycling ability, enjoy camping, and . . . are at least 20 and less than 150 years old, and crossing the United States along the back roads by bicycle is something you find fascinating, then please introduce yourself via email. Once you introduce yourself via email, I'll send you the phone number whereby we can talk and text further.

Email: (

     "Hi!" I'm Ted Phelps. Myself, and five others, are going to be spending the summer of 2019 bicycling from the Pacific Coast of Oregon to the Atlantic Coast of Maine—to include the Stunning Oregon Pacific coast, towering Cascade Mountains, Hell's Canyon Wilderness, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Bighorn Mountains National Forest, Devil's Tower, Black Hills and Mount Rushmore National Monument, Badlands National Park, Upper Peninsula Michigan, Adirondack Mountains of New york, Vermont's Green Mountains, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the splendor of New England's Fall colors, and finally to Georgetown Island off the coast of Maine. Besides the pure joy of bicycling the scenic back roads of this magnificent continent, please permit me to tell you more about why I am taking this journey.

Some background information:

     Mary Magdalene's story in the New Testament has always resonated with me, having had numerous encounters with Jesus, finding myself often falling back into putrid sin, for whatever reason.

     Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little, loves little.

     Jesus tenderly spoke these beautiful words of Mary at the Pharisee, Simon's, feast in Jesus' honor, as recorded by the Gospel writer, Luke. Mary's past was checkered with sins of every kind; even prostitution and demonic possession. She had numerous tender encounters with Jesus, resulting in wonderful freedom from the suffocating bondage of satan, and loving gratitude to her Redeemer.

     Like Mary, our tender Savior would not leave me floundering indefinitely in the mire. How merciful He is, and mysterious and wonderful His ways!

     Shortly before my precious mother was laid to rest in January 2016, unusual physical symptoms began to develop, at first in my feet and ankles, accompanied by tremendous weakness, and spreading up both legs! I sought my primary physician for diagnostic help, and we began the long process of blood tests, scans, nerve conduction studies, MRI's, etc. At first it was thought that it might be an autoimmune disease, such as Multiple Sclerosis, but a source of inflamation couldn't be found. ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) was considered, but was inconclusive. Tremendous weakness progressed up the body, and I lost my sense of balance and could fall over at a moment's notice. Already, I was requiring a walker in order to get around.

     This thing continued to creep up the body like some kind of silent invader, to the point that mobility, even with the aid of a walker, was a struggle. Muscle spasms and severe cramps became daily occurances, until they became so intense in May 2018, I began spasming and convulsing, beginning with the feet and legs, then the abdomen and torso, and the arms and hands—all simultaneously! It was terrifying!

     With such severe symptoms, I was taken to the ER and admitted to the Neuro-trauma unit. It was here that all of the diagnostic resources of the hospital were mustered. Finally, all the boxes were ticked, and it was concluded that I had a progressive form of Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. As the dreadful name suggests, it involves progressive muscle weakness and wasting. It is not curable, and death usually occurs due to respiratory failure. Medication is paliative, only to control muscle spasms.

     By July it had already invaded the diaphragm and was now effecting my breathing. I was prescribed a breathing machine (Bipap) to assist, especially at night, when the breathing would become too shallow. Due to respiratory involvement, I was told that I was now most likely looking at months, and not years.

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